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The Skeptical Believer

Telling Stories to Your Inner Atheist

by Daniel Taylor

When it comes to God, there are believ­ers and there are skep­tics. But there are also Skep­ti­cal Believ­ers, a par­tic­u­lar kind of believ­er who lives with an Inner Athe­ist that is con­stant­ly rais­ing objec­tions. The Skep­ti­cal Believ­er is a book about mak­ing peace with your Inner Athe­ist, and about work­ing out use­ful respons­es to ques­tions that have no defin­i­tive answers. It steers a mid­dle course between the mod­ernist con­vic­tion that faith is agree­ment with a set of state­ments about God and the post­mod­ernist asser­tion that reli­gious faith is just one sto­ry among many, no more or less true than any oth­er. The Skep­ti­cal Believ­er pro­pos­es that one can live a rich and mean­ing­ful life of faith with­out proof (and despite the weak­ness­es of the church) by see­ing one­self as a char­ac­ter with­in an ancient sto­ry. As believ­ers, skep­ti­cal or oth­er­wise, always have.


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