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The Myth of Certainty

The Reflective Christian and the Risk of Commitment

by Daniel Taylor

Do you feel equal­ly uncom­fort­able with closed-mind­ed skep­ti­cism and closed-mind­ed Chris­tian­i­ty? If so, then The Myth of Cer­tain­ty is the book for you. Daniel Tay­lor sug­gests a path to com­mit­ted faith that is both con­sis­tent with the tra­di­tion of Chris­t­ian ortho­doxy and sen­si­tive to the plu­ral­ism, rel­a­tivism and com­plex­i­ty of our time. Tay­lor makes the case for the reflec­tive, ques­tion­ing Chris­t­ian with both inci­sive analy­sis and live­ly sto­ry­telling. His brief fic­tion­al inter­ludes pro­vide an alter­na­tive way to explore key issues of belief and vivid­ly depict the real-life dilem­mas Chris­tians often face. Tay­lor affirms a call to throw off the paral­y­sis of uncer­tain­ty and to risk com­mit­ment to God with­out for­feit­ing the God-giv­en gift of an inquir­ing mind. Through­out he demon­strates clear­ly how much the world and the church need peo­ple – maybe peo­ple like you – who are will­ing to ask tough questions.


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