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The Gospel of Christmas

Reflections for Advent

by Patty Kirk

A child yearns as at no oth­er time in the days lead­ing up to Christ­mas. That yearn­ing does­n’t entire­ly go away as we grow old­er. It still lingers in the backs of our minds. We imag­ine that Christ­mas is main­ly for chil­dren and our adult lives don’t stop in the way that chil­dren’s lives stop on Christ­mas morn­ing, so we don’t give our­selves time to notice the yearn­ing. But it’s there – hope min­gled with anx­i­ety about what lies ahead. In The Gospel of Christ­mas, Pat­ty Kirk helps us get in touch with our mut­ed hopes and fears and reminds us that they are met and giv­en their res­o­lu­tion in the com­ing of Christ, which Christ­mas cel­e­brates and Advent antic­i­pates, and all our lives pre­pare us for.


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