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The Four Loves

An Exploration of the Nature of Love

by C.S. Lewis

Love has not one but many faces. C.S. Lewis, in this can­did, wise and warm­ly per­son­al book, describes the four basic kinds of human love – affec­tion, friend­ship, erot­ic love, and the love of God. He explores the pos­si­bil­i­ties and prob­lems of the love between par­ents and chil­dren, the love of men for oth­er men and women for women; the love of men and women for each oth­er; and the love of God that may enrich all love. Lewis also explores the ques­tions of sex, pos­ses­sive­ness, jeal­ousy, pride, false sen­ti­men­tal­i­ty, good and bad man­ners in lov­ing, and the need for more laugh­ter between lovers.


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