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Strength to Love

by Martin Luther King, Jr.

If there is one book Mar­tin Luther King, Jr. has writ­ten that peo­ple con­sis­tent­ly tell me has changed their lives, it is Strength to Love.“

So wrote Coret­ta Scott King. She con­tin­ued: I believe it is because this book best explains the cen­tral ele­ment of Mar­tin Luther King, Jr.’ s phi­los­o­phy of non­vi­o­lence: His belief in a divine, lov­ing pres­ence that binds all life. That insight, lumi­nous­ly con­veyed in this clas­sic text, here pre­sent­ed in a new and attrac­tive edi­tion, hints at the per­son­al trans­for­ma­tion at the root of social jus­tice: ” By reach­ing into and beyond our­selves and tap­ping the tran­scen­dent moral eth­ic of love, we shall over­come these evils.“

In these short med­i­ta­tive and ser­mon­ic pieces, some of them com­posed in jails and all of them craft­ed dur­ing the tumul­tuous years of the Civ­il Rights strug­gle, Dr. King artic­u­lat­ed and espoused in a deeply per­son­al com­pelling way his com­mit­ment to jus­tice and to the intel­lec­tu­al, moral, and spir­i­tu­al con­ver­sion that makes his work as much a blue­print today for Chris­t­ian dis­ci­ple­ship as it was then. 

Indi­vid­ual read­ers, as well as church groups and stu­dents will find in this work a chal­leng­ing yet ener­giz­ing vision of God and redemp­tive love.


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