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Spiritual Friendship

Soulcare Resources

by Mindy Caliguire

We’ve tried var­i­ous Chris­t­ian plans for growth, yet some­times these pro­grams leave us even more drained and frus­trat­ed. Inter­est­ing­ly, the answer can be found in our every­day lives: ordi­nary rela­tion­ships can restore life and health to our deplet­ed souls. So why do we resist inti­ma­cy with oth­ers if it’s part of our soul’s archi­tec­ture? Because peo­ple also cause us pain.

Soul Care Resources are designed to be sim­ple, but not sim­plis­tic, guides to main­tain­ing or recov­er­ing the life and health of your soul. Spir­i­tu­al Friend­ship intro­duces you to prin­ci­ples of friend­ship that bring focus to your spir­i­tu­al life. You’ll dis­cov­er what it takes to have a rich, God-cen­tered rela­tion­ship that will nour­ish your soul.



Spir­i­tu­al Friend­ship is a refresh­ing change from the usu­al chick lit’ or girl­friend’ lev­el of spir­i­tu­al depth and intelligence.
Natalie Klein, Young Ladies Christian Fellowship

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