Spiritual Disciplines Devotional

A Year of Readings

In Spir­i­tu­al Dis­ci­plines Devo­tion­al: A Year of Read­ings, through dai­ly selec­tions with easy to grasp thoughts on spir­i­tu­al prac­tices, Valerie Hess intro­duces the core dis­ci­plines of the Chris­t­ian life. Each month focus­es on one of twelve core dis­ci­plines for Chris­t­ian for­ma­tion. This allows the user to soak in the rich prin­ci­ples behind each prac­tice as part of a day-to-day study. With each dis­ci­pline there are read­ings for five days a week for four weeks. Every ses­sion con­tains a Bible verse and a short teach­ing. The intro­duc­tion to each dis­ci­pline con­tains prac­ti­cal appli­ca­tion ideas that you can incor­po­rate week-to-week, includ­ing ways for involv­ing chil­dren in the practices.



For new Chris­tians desir­ing to deep­en their faith or long­time Chris­tians want­i­ng to restore their first love, Spir­i­tu­al Dis­ci­plines Devo­tion­al will lead them in the right direction.
Daniel Johnson, AspiringRetail

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