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Spiritual Conversations with Children

Listening to God Together

by Lacy Finn Borgo

We are born into this world with a nat­ur­al long­ing to con­nect to God and oth­er human beings. When chil­dren have a lis­ten­ing com­pan­ion who hears, acknowl­edges, and encour­ages their ear­ly expe­ri­ences with God, it cre­ates a spir­i­tu­al foot­print that shapes their lives. How can we increase our capac­i­ty to engage chil­dren in spir­i­tu­al conversations?

In this book Lacy Finn Bor­go draws on her own expe­ri­ence of prac­tic­ing spir­i­tu­al direc­tion with chil­dren. She offers an overview of child­hood spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion and intro­duces key skills for engag­ing con­ver­sa­tion — pos­ture, pow­er, and pat­terns — from a Christ-cen­tered perspective. 

When we are ful­ly present and open to anoth­er, we will be changed,” Bor­go writes. Indeed, as you lis­ten to God with a child, the child will lead you into a fuller expe­ri­ence of God’s love and acceptance.” 

In this book you’ll find: 

  • Sam­ple inter­ac­tive dia­logues with children 
  • Ideas for engag­ing chil­dren with play, art, and movement 
  • Prayers to use together 

Whether you are a par­ent or grand­par­ent, pas­tor or spir­i­tu­al direc­tor, you will find this to be a friend­ly guide into deep­er ways of listening. 

2020 Intervarsity Press


Learn­ing to be tru­ly present to anoth­er human being is the cry­ing need of our day. For chil­dren, the need is dou­ble and triple. By grip­ping sto­ry and vivid metaphor, Lacy Finn Bor­go shows us step-by-step how we can be tru­ly present when we are with oth­ers, chil­dren espe­cial­ly. Spir­i­tu­al Con­ver­sa­tions with Chil­dren pro­vides us with open win­dows and swing­ing doors onto the inner lives of chil­dren. I rec­om­mend it highly.
Richard Foster, Founder of Renovaré, Author of Celebration of Discipline and Streams of Living Water

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