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Soul Searching

Soul Care Resources

by Mindy Caliguire

Soul search­ing? We don’t real­ly like the sound of that. In fact, if we’re hon­est, we come up with a lot of excus­es and activ­i­ties to help us avoid it. But ignor­ing it can be dan­ger­ous, even dead­ly, to your soul. This small book helps us do the hard — but good and nec­es­sary — work of self-exam­i­na­tion, tak­ing an hon­est look inside, allow­ing the Holy Spir­it to lead and guide and work.

Soul Care Resources are designed to be sim­ple, but not sim­plis­tic, guides to main­tain­ing or recov­er­ing the life and health of your soul, that essen­tial per­son­hood cre­at­ed by God as you. In these pages you will learn how to prac­tice soul search­ing and dis­cern God’s voice. In the process, you’ll come to know your­self bet­ter – both the sins that threat­en the health of your soul, as well as your unique gifts and abil­i­ties and the new places God might be call­ing you to.

You use this book in small chunks of dai­ly read­ing, cov­er­ing the whole book in the course of four weeks. Also includ­ed are four guid­ed group dis­cus­sions for use with a small group or a spir­i­tu­al friend.

Are you ready to take a good look at your soul?



For many years I have enjoyed a soul-nurturing friendship with Mindy Caliguire, so I know she lives out the truths she writes about. I am delighted that her passion and practical wisdom will find an increasing audience through these studies.
Lynne Hybels, author of Nice Girls Don't Change the World

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