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Shaped by the Word

The Power of Scripture in Spiritual Formation

by M. Robert Mulholland, Jr.

Here is a new way to read scripture — a way that allows scripture to shape your spiritual life. Learn to

  • listen for the voice of God in the Bible,
  • move from informational reading to formational reading of the Bible,
  • give up control” over the text and let God lead your reading and understanding.

An emphasis on the cognitive, purely rational approach to reading erects barriers to spiritual reading of Scripture. We have lost the ability to meditate upon the Word — to listen to God in scripture with the deepest core of our being.

In Shaped By The Word, Robert Mulholland invites you to read scripture another way. He demonstrates how to release control of the text, which is based on today’s typical informational approach and to allow God to speak to the spiritual self — the formational approach. The methods Mulholland explores are classic Christian paths to spiritual formation through scripture reading, methods that have been foreshadowed by a bias for analytical Bible study.

This kind of meditation on the Word can bring you to a more vibrant relationship with God. Only through such formational reading of the Bible will you find yourself shaped by the Word.


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