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From the very begin­ning of the church, Chris­tians have found it help­ful to pause for prayer dur­ing var­i­ous times of the day. Whether for morn­ing or evening devo­tions or oth­er fixed-time prayers, such spir­i­tu­al respites were deemed essen­tial to wor­ship­ing God. Over the years, Chris­tians devel­oped a struc­ture for such moments of wor­ship, keyed to the time of day and sea­son of the year. Part of its genius was the seam­less inte­gra­tion of Scrip­ture and prayer. This ancient prac­tice, called the Dai­ly Office,” has expe­ri­enced a resur­gence of use in our time. Seek­ing God’s Face is a user-friend­ly approach to this form of prayer and devo­tion. Each office includes a psalm of praise, a pas­sage of Scrip­ture, and a brief set of prayers. An intro­duc­tion to prayer-book use from Eugene Peter­son is includ­ed to accli­mate read­ers to this form.



Inspired in every sense of that word and mas­ter­ful­ly com­piled, Seek­ing God’s Face is a prayer book always and every­where to be trea­sured. From our very begin­nings, we have under­stood that fixed dai­ly prayer is just as nec­es­sary to the ful­ly real­ized Chris­t­ian life as water and food are to the body’s sus­te­nance. The prob­lem for many Chris­tians up to now – and espe­cial­ly for those from Reformed branch­es of the faith – has been the lack of prayer tools and prayer books that accord with their com­mu­nal tra­di­tions. Now, in this one vol­ume, Philip Rein­ders gives the church not only a solu­tion to that prob­lem but also a God-drenched prayer tool suit­able for all of us.
Phyllis Tickle, compiler, The Words of Jesus--A Gospel of the Sayings of Our Lord

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