The Rule of St. Benedict

For fif­teen cen­turies Bene­dic­tine monas­ti­cism has been gov­erned by a Rule that is at once strong enough to instill order and yet flex­i­ble enough to have rel­e­vance fif­teen hun­dred years later.



Every­body has a rule of life, but it’s a rare per­son who takes the time to spell her ethos out. St. Bene­dic­t’s Rule, for­mu­lat­ed in the sixth cen­tu­ry, is among the most com­pre­hen­sive and vital rules of life in the his­to­ry of monas­ti­cism. Bene­dict was a tough guy – his stan­dards of obe­di­ence, humil­i­ty, and con­tem­pla­tion can sound awful­ly rigid to con­tem­po­rary ears. But his rule has nur­tured mil­lions of lives not only in the clois­ters, but in every city, sub­urb, and coun­try­side where peo­ple strive to lead sim­pler lives
Michael Joseph Gross

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