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The Rule of St. Benedict

by Saint Benedict

For fif­teen cen­turies Bene­dic­tine monas­ti­cism has been gov­erned by a Rule that is at once strong enough to instill order and yet flex­i­ble enough to have rel­e­vance fif­teen hun­dred years later.



Everybody has a rule of life, but it's a rare person who takes the time to spell her ethos out. St. Benedict's Rule, formulated in the sixth century, is among the most comprehensive and vital rules of life in the history of monasticism. Benedict was a tough guy--his standards of obedience, humility, and contemplation can sound awfully rigid to contemporary ears. But his rule has nurtured millions of lives not only in the cloisters, but in every city, suburb, and countryside where people strive to lead simpler lives
Michael Joseph Gross

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