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Resounding Truth

Christian Wisdom in the World of Music (Engaging Culture)

by Jeremy S. Begbie

Even fall­en humans com­pose beau­ti­ful sym­phonies, music that touch­es emo­tions as noth­ing else can. Resound­ing Truth shows Chris­tians how to uncov­er the Gospel mes­sage found in the many melodies that sur­round us. The­olo­gian and musi­cian Jere­my Beg­bie believes our divine­ly inspired imag­i­na­tion reveals oppor­tu­ni­ty for sin­cere, heart­felt praise. With prac­ti­cal exam­ples, lucid expla­na­tions, and an acces­si­ble bib­li­og­ra­phy, this book will help music lovers dis­cov­er how God’s diver­si­ty shines through sound. Beg­bie helps read­ers see the Mas­ter of Song and expe­ri­ence the har­mo­ny of heav­en­ly hope.


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