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Resonant Witness

Conversations between Music and Theology

by Jeremy S. Begbie

Res­o­nant Wit­ness gath­ers togeth­er a wide, har­mo­nious cho­rus of voic­es from across the musi­cal and the­o­log­i­cal spec­trum to show that music and the­ol­o­gy can each learn much from the oth­er — and that the majesty and pow­er of both are pro­found­ly ampli­fied when they do. 

With essays touch­ing on J. S. Bach, Hilde­gard of Bin­gen, Mar­tin Luther, Karl Barth, Olivi­er Mes­si­aen, jazz impro­vi­sa­tion, South African free­dom songs, and more, this vol­ume encour­ages musi­cians and the­olo­gians to pur­sue a more fruit­ful and sus­tained engage­ment with one anoth­er. 


  • Jere­my S. Begbie 
  • Bruce Ellis Benson 
  • Alas­tair Borthwick 
  • Daniel K. L. Chua 
  • Nan­cy van Deusen 
  • Mar­got Fassler 
  • Steven R. Guthrie 
  • Car­ol Harrison 
  • Trevor Hart
  • C. Michael Hawn 
  • Joyce Irwin
  • John Paul Ito 
  • Antho­ny Monti 
  • David J. R. S. Moseley 
  • Michael O’Con­nor
  • Cather­ine Pickstock 
  • Richard J. Plantinga 
  • Robert Sholl
  • Nan­cy van Deusen 
  • John D. Witvliet 


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