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A Story of Creation, Calling, and Community

by Leah Kostamo

Plant­ed is not a how to” book, but a how so” book in which the read­er is invit­ed to trav­el with Leah Kosta­mo on the wild ride of salmon sav­ing, stranger wel­com­ing, and God wor­ship­ing as she and her hus­band help estab­lish the first Chris­t­ian envi­ron­men­tal cen­ter in Cana­da. Avoid­ing sim­plis­tic pre­scrip­tions or clichéd plat­i­tudes, Leah wres­tles with issues of pover­ty, jus­tice, and the envi­ron­ment through the nar­ra­tive of her own life expe­ri­ence. The lived-the­ol­o­gy and humil­i­ty of voice con­veyed in these pages draws read­ers to new and cre­ative ways to hon­or the Cre­ator as they are inspired to care for creation.


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