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Out of the House of Bread

Satisfying Your Hunger for God with the Spiritual Disciplines

by Preston Yancey

This book will give you two uniquely related gifts---it will make the spiritual disciplines as well as the art of baking bread warmly accessible. From the moment Yancey invites us to pray a blessing over our kitchens---and mine was especially messy that day---we are invited to view the incarnation with fresh eyes. God with us, unembarrassed by the mess that characterizes our lives and profoundly interested in seeing us changed. In a world where we are held hostage by our own busyness, Yancey reminds us how to be still. How to be intentional. How to knead dough. How to have relationship with a God who is both spirit as well as fully bodied. I am gratefully adding this book to my shelf of cookbooks as a reminder that the daily practice of the spiritual disciplines is as important to the soul as bread is to the body. And just as satisfying. --Editorial Review, Christianbook

Our spirituality needs revival, but the disciplines of the Spirit often go covered with dust, lying unused by Christians because they feel too much like rules. But what if they weren’t rules? What if they were conversation starters? Invitations to discover God right now, today?

In Out of the House of Bread author Preston Yancey leads us in a new but old direction of spirituality engaging the symbolism and experience of spiritual disciplines made plain and accessible by the baking of bread.

The benefits of this book of devotion include: finding a nearness to the holiness of Go and feeling and experiencing the forgiveness of God. You’ll learn again the disciplines of celebration, confession, and conversion, encountering new avenues of prayer along the way. Each chapter pairs a spiritual discipline or practice with insight to the baking of an extraordinary loaf of bread. Readers encounter ancient practices such as the prayer of examen, lectio divina, intercessory prayer, icons, and wonder.

Yancey shows how, like in Brother Lawrence’s kitchen The Practice of the Presence of God, that when you lift up your hands to God and pray, God will show up right there in the midst of your work and livelihood while you bake.

Out of the House of Bread is a glorious celebration of the sacraments and the seasons of God, meant as reminders and forms of prayer to take readers closer to God in worship.  An appendix about gluten-free and vegan bread and suggested reading and artwork for contemplation complete the book.