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Names for the Messiah

An Advent Study

by Walter Brueggemann

In Isa­iah 9:6, a divine utter­ance is giv­en to us using four roy­al titles: Won­der­ful Coun­selor, Mighty God, Ever­last­ing Father, and Prince of Peace. Names for the Mes­si­ah pon­ders each title and how the peo­ple under­stood it then, how Jesus did or did not ful­fill the title, and how Chris­tians inter­pret Jesus as rep­re­sen­ta­tive of that title.

Chris­tians have claimed from the begin­ning that Jesus was the Mes­si­ah fore­told in the Old Tes­ta­ment. In this study, best-sell­ing author Wal­ter Bruegge­mann tack­les the ques­tions: What were these expec­ta­tions? and Did Jesus ful­fill them?


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