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Meditations on the Birth of Jesus

A Renovaré Advent Resource for Spiritual Renewal

by Miriam Dixon, Margaret Campbell

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From the For­ward by Richard Foster:

Long time Ren­o­varé Team mem­bers Miri­am (Mimi) Dixon and Mar­garet Camp­bell have teamed up to pro­vide us with a stun­ning ver­bal and visu­al jour­ney through the Advent season.

Mimi’s words grip our heart. We jour­ney with her through a whole range of emo­tions: fear and angst and hope against hope and ecsta­t­ic joy. Like Mary we are led to pon­der all these things in our heart.

Mar­garet opens up for us the vast world of Advent Art. She guides us to med­i­tate upon the won­der of the Incar­na­tion through artis­tic works by Georges de La Tour and Fra Fil­ip­po Lip­pi and Rem­brandt van Rijn. Unpack­ing each artis­tic work ever so care­ful­ly we are invit­ed to gaze lov­ing­ly upon the dif­fer­ing aspects of Immanuel — God with us.

May Med­i­ta­tions on the Birth of Jesus wel­come us into new vis­tas of the Advent miracle.

2019 Renovaré


A stunning verbal and visual journey through the Advent season.
Richard Foster

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