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Madame Guyon: Her Autobiography (condensed & modernized)

by Jeanne Guyon, Jan Johnson

JEANNE GUYON is Christianity’s best-known and most influential woman in church history. Her autobiography has moved the hearts of believers for three centuries. Even today, in France, she is one of the greatest figures of French history. Guyon’s influence reached the court of Louis XIV. Jealousy ensued, and she was imprisoned in the infamous Bastille. For most of her life she suffered persecution at the hands of the church, because she believed all Christians could have a rich prayer life. Perhaps John Wesley summed it up best: Guyon is the greatest Christian to rise since the first century.” This edited, condensed, and updated edition of her autobiography…written from a lonely ce.. where she was imprisoned…reintroduces the power of a great woman of faith and the joy she found in the midst of grief and pain.


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