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Madame Guyon: Her Autobiography (condensed & modernized)

by Jeanne Guyon, Jan Johnson

JEANNE GUY­ON is Chris­tian­i­ty’s best-known and most influ­en­tial woman in church his­to­ry. Her auto­bi­og­ra­phy has moved the hearts of believ­ers for three cen­turies. Even today, in France, she is one of the great­est fig­ures of French his­to­ry. Guy­on’s influ­ence reached the court of Louis XIV. Jeal­ousy ensued, and she was impris­oned in the infa­mous Bastille. For most of her life she suf­fered per­se­cu­tion at the hands of the church, because she believed all Chris­tians could have a rich prayer life. Per­haps John Wes­ley summed it up best: Guy­on is the great­est Chris­t­ian to rise since the first cen­tu­ry.” This edit­ed, con­densed, and updat­ed edi­tion of her autobiography…written from a lone­ly ce.. where she was imprisoned…reintroduces the pow­er of a great woman of faith and the joy she found in the midst of grief and pain.


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