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Liturgies for Hope

Sixty Prayers for the Highs, the Lows, and Everything in Between

by Elizabeth Moore, Audrey Elledge

Liturgies for Hope expresses eloquently the collective ache felt by many in modern society today — burnout, anxiety, daily stresses — and reminds us how important it is to turn our focus outwards, to each other and importantly, to our ever-loving God.

Born during the Covid pandemic, authors Audrey Elledge and Elizabeth Moore asked each other: what can we, lovers of words, create to defy the darkness? Inspired by Christian liturgies — a type of prayer-poem— they created Liturgies for Hope, resolving to offer something more beautiful and trustworthy in response to the world around them.

Deeply uplifting, this beautiful collection of 60 comforting prayers for modern life will help readers speak to the God who knows them, supports them, and see that whatever their circumstances there is always more hope to be had.

2022 SPCK

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