Life with God for Children Curriculum

Complete Sunday school, classroom or homeschool curriculum for pre-K through sixth grade

by Lacy Finn Borgo

The Bible is filled with sto­ries of God in rela­tion­ship with peo­ple. In these sto­ries he reveals him­self. Through these sto­ries he cul­ti­vates the soil of love and rela​tion​ship​.In Life with God for Chil­dren the Scrip­tures are the anchor, and spir­i­tu­al dis­ci­plines are used as a means of engag­ing in rela­tion­ship. The cur­ricu­lum is based on the peo­ple pro­files in The Life with God Bible. The inten­tion is not only to inform and teach chil­dren these sto­ries, but to give chil­dren the tools and oppor­tu­ni­ties to explore the Scrip­tures themselves.


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