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Life Path

Personal and Spiritual Growth Through Journal Writing

by Luci Shaw

Life has a way of slip­ping away while we’re not look­ing. And many of us are so numbed by mun­dane rou­tine that we hard­ly miss its pass­ing. Keep­ing a jour­nal can bring it all back … * Those time­less moments when the mists part and you catch a glimpse of a lov­ing Father. * Those rare insights where you sud­den­ly see your life from a new per­spec­tive. * those wel­come moments when the pain sub­sides and the heal­ing begins. 

Life Path will be a delight equal­ly to invet­er­ate jour­nal keep­ers like me, and to those who’ve often thought they might like to keep a jour­nal, but haven’t known how to go about it.” — Madeleine L’Engle 

Luci Shaw is author of eight vol­umes of poet­ry, among them Lis­ten to the Green, Water Lines, and Pol­ish­ing the Petoskey Stone. Her oth­er books include Water My Soul and God in the Dark: Through Grief and Beyond. Since 1988 she has been adjunct fac­ul­ty mem­ber and Writer in Res­i­dence at Regent Col­lege in Van­cou­ver, British Columbia.


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