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Lent for Everyone: Matthew, Year A

A Daily Devotional

by N.T. Wright

Lent for Every­one: Matthew, Year A pro­vides read­ers with an inspi­ra­tional guide through the Lenten sea­son, from Ash Wednes­day through the week after East­er. Pop­u­lar bib­li­cal schol­ar and author N. T. Wright pro­vides his own Scrip­ture trans­la­tion, brief reflec­tion, and a prayer for each day of the sea­son, help­ing read­ers pon­der how the text is rel­e­vant to their own lives. By the end of the book, read­ers will have been through the entire­ty of Matthew, along with Psalm read­ings for each Sun­day. Suit­able for both indi­vid­ual and group study and reflec­tion, Wright’s Lenten devo­tion­al will help make Matthew’s gospel your own, thought­ful­ly and prayer­ful­ly, and your jour­ney through Lent a peri­od of dis­cov­ery and growth.


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