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Learning Theology with the Church Fathers

by Chris Hall

The ear­ly church fathers were great the­olo­gians – though they did not think of them­selves as such. They were work­ing pas­tors, involved in the dai­ly life and lead­er­ship of their con­gre­ga­tions. Yet they were wrestling with many of the great and for­ma­tive ques­tions of the Chris­t­ian faith, such as the Trin­i­ty, the incar­na­tion, the prov­i­dence of God and the nature of the church. These beliefs were defined in the cru­cible of spir­i­tu­al lead­er­ship, pas­toral care and the­o­log­i­cal con­flict, all set against the back­ground of the great cul­tur­al move­ments and events of their day. For the church fathers, the­ol­o­gy was a spir­i­tu­al exer­cise woven into the tex­ture of life. What would it be like to sit under the preach­ing and instruc­tion of these great men, to look over their shoul­ders as they thought and wrote, or to hear them debate the­o­log­i­cal issues?Learn­ing The­ol­o­gy with the Church Fathers offers us that expe­ri­ence. With the same insight and love of his sub­ject that he brought to Read­ing Scrip­ture with the Church Fathers,Christo­pher A. Hall opens the door on patris­tic the­ol­o­gy. Focus­ing on the great ques­tions, we view these issues in their set­tings and find greater appre­ci­a­tion for the foun­da­tions and archi­tec­ture of our Chris­t­ian faith


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