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Learning from Jesus: A Spiritual Formation Guide

by Julia L. Roller, Lynda L. Graybeal

How do we become a student of the Master?

To Christians, Jesus is many things: the Son of God, the pivotal figure in whom we put our trust and who speaks on our behalf, a companion in the life of faith. But Jesus is also an incredible example of how to lead a faithful life. Jesus, as a human, walked on earth and confronted the same struggles that we face. Our primary mission as his followers is to learn from him – to become his apprentices. In this book we seek to further our apprenticeship by studying everything from Jesus’s interactions with those around him to the revolutionary wisdom recorded in the Gospels.

Learning from Jesus is organized for individual or group study, and includes chapters on: Expecting the Messiah • And the Word Became Flesh … • Experiencing the Second Birth • Redefining Blessedness • Freeing the Sabbath • Feasting on the Word • Confronting the Powers • Welcoming Us into Community • Living Abundance • Balancing Mary and Martha • Bearing the Cross • Abiding in Christ. Each section of this Guide leads you further down the path to true discipleship.

The Renovaré Spiritual Formation Guides, created by Richard J. Foster and the team that developed The Renovaré Spiritual Formation Bible and the longstanding A Spiritual Formation Workbook, provide tangible lessons that help us become spiritually formed, conformed, and transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. Geared for either individual study or use in small groups with chapter structure similar to A Spiritual Formation Workbook, each Renovaré Spiritual Formation Guide explores one facet of our life with God, providing readings from Scripture as well as classic and contemporary works of spirituality. The combination of readings, reflection questions, exercises, and activities makes these books invaluable interactive guides that prompt true spiritual growth. And they are a tremendous resource for connecting Scripture study with larger spiritual formation ideas and themes.


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