Images of God for Young Children

by Marie-Helene Delval, Barbara Nascimbeni

The Bible describes God in many dif­fer­ent ways: God is light; God is joy; God is wis­dom. God is the beau­ty that fills the earth and the rock we stand on, the promis­es we live by and the fire that puri­fies us. This vol­ume offers a col­lec­tion of these images, pre­sent­ed in sim­ple lan­guage that young read­ers can eas­i­ly under­stand. This book’s bright art­work and lyri­cal text, writ­ten by the best­selling author of Psalms for Young Chil­dren, explores how, even though we can­not see or touch God, we can still dis­cov­er him in our world.


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