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I Told Me So

Self-Deception and the Christian Life

by Gregg A. Ten Elshof

Think you’ve ever deceived your­self? Then this book is for you.

Think you’ve nev­er deceived your­self? Then this book is real­ly for you.

James K. A. Smith
 — Calvin Col­lege
Socrates famous­ly assert­ed that the unex­am­ined life is not worth liv­ing. But Gregg Ten Elshof shows us that we make all sorts of lit­tle deals with our­selves every day in order to stave off exam­i­na­tion and remain hap­pi­ly self-deceived. Most provoca­tive­ly, he sug­gests this is not all bad! While nam­ing its temp­ta­tions, Ten Elshof also offers a strange cel­e­bra­tion’ of self-decep­tion as a gra­cious gift. In the tra­di­tion of Dal­las Willard, I Told Me So is a won­der­ful exam­ple of phi­los­o­phy serv­ing spir­i­tu­al dis­ci­pline. A mar­velous, acces­si­ble and, above all, wise book.” /

David Nau­gle 
— Dal­las Bap­tist Uni­ver­si­ty
In this wise, well-craft­ed work Ten Elshof helps us to iden­ti­fy, eval­u­ate, and respond to our own self-decep­tive strate­gies, as he probes — with occa­sion­al self-dep­re­ca­tion and unavoid­able humor — the bot­tom­less mys­ter­ies of the human heart. His reflec­tions on inter­per­son­al self-decep­tion and group­think’ are espe­cial­ly help­ful. To tell me the truth, I’m glad I read this book. You will be too — I promise.”

Dal­las Willard (from the fore­word)
Ten Elshof’s dis­cus­sions are eru­dite, bib­li­cal, search­ing, and laced with soul-restor­ing wis­dom. All of this togeth­er means that this book is solid­ly pas­toral. What it brings to us is appro­pri­ate to indi­vid­u­als, but it espe­cial­ly belongs in the con­text of small groups and local congregations.”

About the Author

Gregg A. Ten Elshof is pro­fes­sor of phi­los­o­phy at Bio­la Uni­ver­si­ty, La Mira­da, Cal­i­for­nia. His book I Told Me So: Self-Decep­tion and the Chris­t­ian Life won the Chris­tian­i­ty Today 2009 Book Award in the Chris­t­ian Liv­ing category.


About the Author