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How to Pray

A Simple Guide for Normal People

by Pete Greig

Pete Greig is a world­wide author­i­ty and the face of a gen­er­a­tion when it comes to prayer. One of the founders of the 24 – 7 prayer move­ment, he has seen, expe­ri­enced, and chron­i­cled amaz­ing works of God in the world. While you might imag­ine him to be puffed up, Pete Greig is entire­ly the oppo­site. He is enchant­i­ng, down-to-earth, friend­ly, and most of all, very nor­mal – and yet he tells pre­pos­ter­ous tales about prayer (and they’re true). He is basi­cal­ly a reg­u­lar dude who loves to talk with God.

How to Pray is writ­ten to evoke a pas­sion for prayer in everyone―the com­mit­ted fol­low­er of Jesus as well as the skep­tic and the scared. The enor­mous bless­ing of How to Pray is that it is acces­si­ble, full of sur­pris­ing sto­ries of answered prayer, and tremen­dous­ly engag­ing. The basic idea is that prayer is a con­ver­sa­tion between you and God. Pete Greig demys­ti­fies and reen­chants prayer, help­ing you to find prayer achiev­able and enjoy­able, and ulti­mate­ly life-giv­ing and life-chang­ing.

How to Pray is designed to be used togeth­er with The Prayer Course (a free video cur­ricu­lum asso­ci­at­ed with the Alpha course), mak­ing it use­ful for per­son­al and group or church-wide reading.

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How to Pray is an instant spiritual classic. Accessible for someone new to spiritual things, but deep enough for someone who has been following Jesus for decades, this is truly a book for everyone. How to Pray is a book with heart, deep wisdom, generosity for where you are on the journey, practical tools and tips, and a gentle way of increasing the reader’s passion for prayer. Highly, highly recommended.
Matt Mikalatos, Author of *My Imaginary Jesus*

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