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Holy Listening

by Margaret Guenther

Guen­ther uses the images of the spir­i­tu­al direc­tor as host, teacher, and mid­wife to describe the min­istry of spir­i­tu­al direc­tion today. She pays par­tic­u­lar atten­tion to spir­i­tu­al direc­tion for women, and address­es such down-to-earth ques­tions as set­ting, time, and pri­va­cy. The sto­ries of real peo­ple bring the prac­tice of spir­i­tu­al direc­tion alive.

In the pages that fol­low, I will attempt to describe the shape that spir­i­tu­al direc­tion might take for peo­ple of our time, aware that the sub­ject is an elu­sive one. I am speak­ing to the begin­ner, those per­sons lay or ordained, with or with­out for­mal the­o­log­i­cal train­ing, who find them­selves drawn to this min­istry. Per­haps they feel the stir­ring of their own unac­knowl­edged gifts. Or per­haps they won­der about receiv­ing direc­tion, whether it is a min­istry avail­able to ordi­nary peo­ple’ or reserved for the espe­cial­ly holy. I hope some dark cor­ners will be illu­mi­nat­ed and some ques­tions answered.”



Even apart from its val­ue as a book on the process of spir­i­tu­al direc­tion, Holy Lis­ten­ing is a delight­ful com­men­tary on every Chris­tian’s spir­i­tu­al journey
Review For Religious
This excel­lent and wise book con­tin­ues an impor­tant trend as the spir­i­tu­al tra­di­tions of clas­si­cal Chris­tian­i­ty and oth­er reli­gions are trans­lat­ed into the idioms and sit­u­a­tions of the mod­ern world. This work is use­ful for those who are spir­i­tu­al direc­tors, directees, or those inter­est­ed in issues relat­ed to spir­i­tu­al growth. … I thor­ough­ly enjoyed this book. It is easy to read yet filled with insight. Per­haps the best rec­om­men­da­tion I can give it is to say that it has helped me in my own spir­i­tu­al pilgrimage.
Rev. Dr. Gerald A. Butler, Congregations

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