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Habits of a Child's Heart

Raising Your Kids with the Spiritual Disciplines

by Valerie E. Hess

Everyone knows that children learn the most by watching their parents’ example — by doing what they do. Why would learning about spiritual things be any different?

The best time to learn anything — especially the spiritual disciplines — is as a child. In Habits of a Child’s Heart, parents not only learn the spiritual disciplines for themselves, but they also discover how to practice them with their kids and teens.

Broken down into bite-sized, age-specific exercises, the foundations of the Christian life will become lifetime habits. Practice the spiritual disciplines as a family by:

  • Serving others in a practical way
  • Fasting from TV or video games
  • Simplifying schedules and possessions
  • Developing new habits of worship
  • Meditating on specific Bible passages

These are essential skills your kids will take with them wherever they go — long after they grow up and teach the same lessons to their own children.


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