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Good Dirt: Advent, Christmastide & Epiphany (Volume 1)

A Devotional for the Spiritual Formation of Families

by Lacy Finn Borgo, Ben Barczi

A year-long adventure for families desiring to grow in Christ and set the rhythm of their lives by the Seasons of the Church. Good Dirt combines kid-friendly seasonal activities, daily devotionals, and Bible readings. Each day the family is rooted in Christ through a reading from one of the Gospels. Adults and the little ones in their homes alike will learn how to Till,” Plant,” Water,” and Weed” their souls, living out spiritual formation within the most influential social context anyone is ever born into: the family. In this first volume, Advent, Christmastide & Epiphany, seasonal activities and readings guide families through a celebration of Jesus’ incarnation, introducing the twelve classical spiritual disciplines as tools to work the soil of the soul. Join other families on the journey at


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