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God with Us

Rediscovery the Meaning of Christmas

by Gregory Wolfe, Greg Pennoyer

Christ­mas is the sea­son most dif­fi­cult to grasp and under­stand in all its spir­i­tu­al rich­ness. The sen­ti­men­tal­i­ty and com­mer­cial­ism that dom­i­nate the sea­son tend to obscure the pro­found mys­tery at its heart: the Incar­na­tion. God with Us pro­vides the per­fect way to slow down and recon­nect with the litur­gi­cal and sacra­men­tal tra­di­tions that illu­mi­nate the mean­ing of Christ­mas and the Incar­na­tion. In dai­ly med­i­ta­tions for the com­plete sea­sons of Advent, Christ­mas, and Epiphany, the con­trib­u­tors offer a tapes­try of reflec­tion, Scrip­ture, prayer, and his­to­ry. God with Us—which has sold more than 25,000 copies in its orig­i­nal, illus­trat­ed, $30 edi­tion — will make anyone’s jour­ney to the sta­ble in Beth­le­hem and the child in the manger unfor­get­table. This new Reader’s Edi­tion” is designed to make the book more afford­able, able to reach an even wider cross-sec­tion of readers.


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