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God-Soaked Life

Discovering a Kingdom Spirituality

by Chris Webb

God’s pres­ence per­me­ates our lives and activ­i­ties. His song of delight rever­ber­ates through­out all he has cre­at­ed. As we open our ears to that song, we hear the truth of the gospel spo­ken to our hearts: the king­dom of God has come to us.

Chris Webb, an Angli­can priest and retreat house direc­tor, wants us all to enter into that king­dom and to expe­ri­ence its free­dom. Writ­ten with verve, depth, and uncon­tain­able joy, God-Soaked Life invites us to live in the real­i­ty of God’s pres­ence in our every­day lives. It’s an invi­ta­tion into the com­mu­ni­ty of God’s peo­ple, into fear­less hon­esty about our own weak­ness­es and fail­ures, into the dai­ly expe­ri­ence of God through silence, Scrip­ture, and prayer, and into a new life of love and ser­vice in the bro­ken world around us.

God’s king­dom is not far away, a remote and future promise. It is here, now.



What a spe­cial book of great depth. Draw­ing deep from bib­li­cal and ancient writ­ings, Chris Webb paints an acces­si­ble and com­pelling vision of life today in God’s kingdom.”
Nathan Foster, Renovaré Director of Community Life, Author of The Making of an Ordinary Saint

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