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God-Soaked Life

Discovering a Kingdom Spirituality

by Chris Webb

God’s presence permeates our lives and activities. His song of delight reverberates throughout all he has created. As we open our ears to that song, we hear the truth of the gospel spoken to our hearts: the kingdom of God has come to us.

Chris Webb, an Anglican priest and retreat house director, wants us all to enter into that kingdom and to experience its freedom. Written with verve, depth, and uncontainable joy, God-Soaked Life invites us to live in the reality of God’s presence in our everyday lives. It’s an invitation into the community of God’s people, into fearless honesty about our own weaknesses and failures, into the daily experience of God through silence, Scripture, and prayer, and into a new life of love and service in the broken world around us.

God’s kingdom is not far away, a remote and future promise. It is here, now.



"What a special book of great depth. Drawing deep from biblical and ancient writings, Chris Webb paints an accessible and compelling vision of life today in God's kingdom."
Nathan Foster, Renovaré Director of Community Life, Author of The Making of an Ordinary Saint

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