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God is in the Manger

Reflections on Advent and Christmas

by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

There are only two places where the pow­er­ful and great in this world lose their courage, trem­ble in the depths of their souls, and become tru­ly afraid. These are the manger and the cross of Jesus Christ.” 

No priest, no the­olo­gian stood at the cra­dle of Beth­le­hem. And yet, all Chris­t­ian the­ol­o­gy finds its begin­nings in the mir­a­cle of mir­a­cles, that God became human.” 

These stir­ring words are among forty devo­tions that guide and inspire read­ers as they move the­mat­i­cal­ly through the weeks of Advent and Christ­mas, from wait­ing and mys­tery to redemp­tion, incar­na­tion, and joy. Sup­ple­ment­ed by an infor­ma­tive intro­duc­tion, short excerpts from Bon­ho­ef­fer­’s let­ters, and pas­sages from his Christ­mas ser­mons, these dai­ly devo­tions are time­less and mov­ing reminders of the true gift of Christmas.


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