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For Everything a Season

75 Blessings for Daily Life

For Every­thing a Sea­son is a com­pi­la­tion of 75 Chris­t­ian rit­u­al bless­ings that help deep­en and make sacred ordi­nary and out of the ordi­nary life moments. It offers three sim­ple bless­ings for the sea­sons of the day; 13 for the sea­sons of the year (hol­i­days we cel­e­brate from New Year’s Eve to Thanks­giv­ing); 25 bless­ings for sea­sons of our lives – event such as get­ting a dri­ver’s license, leav­ing home, get­ting a pet; 17 bless­ings for sea­sons of our rela­tion­ships; 11 for sea­sons of the Chris­t­ian life; and six for the sea­sons of the church year. Each rit­u­al has a wel­come, prayer, time for reflec­tion, sug­gest­ed rit­u­al action such as light­ing a can­dle or pass­ing a bless­ing cup, and a clos­ing bless­ing. They can be done by fam­i­lies or oth­er groups or by some­one alone.


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