Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ

Library of Spiritual Classics, Volume 2

One of the most influ­en­tial spir­i­tu­al books ever penned, even sec­u­lar his­to­ri­ans acknowl­edge the great impact Expe­ri­enc­ing the Depths of Jesus Christ has had in Chris­t­ian his­to­ry. At one time this book was pub­licly burned in France and yet it has also been received by seek­ing Chris­tians as one of the most help­ful and pow­er­ful Chris­t­ian books ever writ­ten. Penned by one of Chris­tian­i­ty’s most famous saints, it has played a major part in the lives of more famous Chris­tians than per­haps any oth­er Chris­t­ian book. The read­ing will intro­duce you to a whole new – and deep­er – rela­tion­ship to Jesus Christ.


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