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Even the Sparrow

A Pilgrim‘s Guide to Prayer, Trust, and Following the Leader

by Jill Weber

What might happen if we live out of loving encounter with God and build in response to what he reveals? How can we make space to hear God and say yes to him? What if being a leader is all about being a follower? Is it really that simple? 

These are the questions that have led Jill Weber on the adventure of saying yes to the more of God – the invitation to really live. This honest, warm and compelling book speaks directly to those who long to encounter more of Jesus, to know how to tune into the small movements of the heart, and to have trust in every moment of their lives.

With wisdom and wit Jill explores prayer, discernment, vocation and leadership through her story of building and becoming a House of Prayer, offering encouragement that gives readers the confidence to say yes to what God is already doing. Jill’s story will build faith in readers and help them to discover the freedom that lies beyond that yes – of giving it all for Jesus.

2019 Muddy Pearl


My friend Jillian Weber manifests unbridled enthusiasm, childlike wonder and unpretentious courage. She is a pioneer who uniquely embodies ancient mystical wisdom, practical compassion and a heart for justice. Her story is a testament to how God can use the messy details of our lives to accomplish the extraordinary.
Mark Scandrette, Author Of Free, Belonging And Becoming, Practicing The Way Of Jesus And The Ninefold Path
This remarkable, sassy memoir will inspire and provoke you to live and love from the core. And because there is a musicality to the way Jill writes, you may well be humming its tune for many months to come.
Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer International And Emmaus Rd. Guildford

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