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Eat This Book

A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading

by Eugene H. Peterson

The way we read the Bible is as impor­tant as that we read it. Do we read the Bible for infor­ma­tion about God and sal­va­tion, for prin­ci­ples and truths”? Or do we read it to lis­ten to God and respond in obe­di­ence? The sec­ond of Peter­son­’s five-vol­ume work on spir­i­tu­al the­ol­o­gy, Eat This Book: A Con­ver­sa­tion in the Art of Spir­i­tu­al Read­ing chal­lenges us to read the Scrip­tures on their own terms, as God’s rev­e­la­tion, and to live them as we read them. Peter­son offers great­ly need­ed, down-to-earth coun­sel on spir­i­tu­al read­ing. He draws read­ers into a fas­ci­nat­ing con­ver­sa­tion on the nature of lan­guage, the ancient prac­tice of lec­tio div­ina, and the role of Scrip­ture trans­la­tions. Coun­ter­ing the wide­spread prac­tice of using the Bible for self-serv­ing pur­pos­es, Peter­son serves read­ers a nour­ish­ing entre full of the for­ma­tive, life-chang­ing art of spir­i­tu­al reading.



Rich, gen­er­ous and wise, Peter­son­’s con­ver­sa­tion” will help read­ers at every stage of faith to live their faith more deeply. — Pub­lish­ers Week­ly (for Christ Plays in Ten Thou­sand Places) Christ Plays in Ten Thou­sand Places is a book for all places, for all times, for all peo­ples and for all sit­u­a­tions, how­ev­er trag­ic and hope­f­less they may seem to be. — Ger­ard Hugh­es (for Christ Plays in Ten Thou­sand Places) Eugene Peter­son knows how to share Bib­li­cal and the­o­log­i­cal insights in ways that both inform and excite his read­ers, and in this work he excels even his own high stan­dards. — John Drane (for Christ Plays in Ten Thou­sand Places) There is no pas­tor in the world that I trust more than Eugene Peter­son, and this book offers us Eugene at his best — poet, sto­ry­teller, won­der­er, bib­li­cal schol­ar, sage, prac­ticed dis­ci­ple, and lover of God. This is a life-trans­form­ing and lib­er­at­ing book.
Marva Dawn

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