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Eat This Book

A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading

by Eugene H. Peterson

The way we read the Bible is as important as that we read it. Do we read the Bible for information about God and salvation, for principles and truths”? Or do we read it to listen to God and respond in obedience? The second of Peterson’s five-volume work on spiritual theology, Eat This Book: A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading challenges us to read the Scriptures on their own terms, as God’s revelation, and to live them as we read them. Peterson offers greatly needed, down-to-earth counsel on spiritual reading. He draws readers into a fascinating conversation on the nature of language, the ancient practice of lectio divina, and the role of Scripture translations. Countering the widespread practice of using the Bible for self-serving purposes, Peterson serves readers a nourishing entre full of the formative, life-changing art of spiritual reading.



Rich, generous and wise, Peterson's "conversation" will help readers at every stage of faith to live their faith more deeply. -- Publishers Weekly (for Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places) Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places is a book for all places, for all times, for all peoples and for all situations, however tragic and hopefless they may seem to be. -- Gerard Hughes (for Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places) Eugene Peterson knows how to share Biblical and theological insights in ways that both inform and excite his readers, and in this work he excels even his own high standards. -- John Drane (for Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places) There is no pastor in the world that I trust more than Eugene Peterson, and this book offers us Eugene at his best -- poet, storyteller, wonderer, biblical scholar, sage, practiced disciple, and lover of God. This is a life-transforming and liberating book.
Marva Dawn

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