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Deep-Rooted in Christ

The Way of Transformation

by Joshua Choonmin Kang

Come. Accept Joshua Choon­min Kang’s invi­ta­tion to walk slow­ly, pay­ing atten­tion to God’s work in you and around you, to walk inten­tion­al­ly, using spir­i­tu­al dis­ci­plines to devel­op Christ­like char­ac­ter, to walk pur­pose­ful­ly, expe­ri­enc­ing deep­er grace and vision. Deep-Root­ed in Christ: The Way of Trans­for­ma­tion offers fifty-two brief read­ings, ide­al for week­ly sab­bath reflec­tion or dai­ly devo­tion­al use. They point to the path of peace in the midst of life’s tur­moil, to hope in the midst of bro­ken­ness, where you’ll become like a tree plant­ed by streams of water, which yields its fruit in sea­son and whose leaf does not with­er” (Ps 1:3). It’s the path to becom­ing deep-root­ed in Christ.



Kang invites us to walk slowly, paying attention to God's work in and around us, to walk intentionally, using spiritual disciplines to develop Christ-like character, to walk purposefully, experiencing deeper grace and vision.
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