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Common Prayer Pocket Edition

A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals

by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Shane Claiborne

Com­mon Prayer Pock­et Edi­tion helps indi­vid­u­als and today’s diverse church pray togeth­er across tra­di­tions and denom­i­na­tions. With an ear to the par­tic­u­lars of var­i­ous litur­gi­cal prayer tra­di­tions, and using an advi­so­ry team of litur­gy experts, the authors have cre­at­ed a tapes­try of prayer that cel­e­brates the best of each tradition. 

This con­ve­nient and portable book also includes tools for prayer scat­tered through­out to aid those unfa­mil­iar with litur­gy and deep­en the prayer life of those already famil­iar with litur­gi­cal prayer. Com­mon Prayer Pock­et Edi­tion adds new prayers for com­pline (late evening) and for indi­vid­ual use, such as prayers for trav­el, pro­tec­tion, and var­i­ous bless­ings. It includes a table of days and read­ings for the morn­ing prayers as well as an anno­tat­ed list of saints and days to remem­ber. Church­es and indi­vid­u­als who desire a deep­er prayer life – and those famil­iar with Shane Clai­borne and New Monas­ti­cism – will enjoy the tools offered in this book as a fresh take on liturgy.


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