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Celtic Daily Prayer

Prayers and Readings From the Northumbria Community

by Northumbria Community

This col­lec­tion of litur­gies, prayers, and med­i­ta­tions inspired by tra­di­tion­al Celtic Chris­tian­i­ty brings the pow­er of an ancient tra­di­tion to life for seek­ers today. Pro­duced by the Northum­bria Com­mu­ni­ty in north­ern Eng­land, this vol­ume com­bines the best of sixth- and sev­enth-cen­tu­ry Celtic Chris­t­ian devo­tion­al writ­ing from Ire­land, Iona in Scot­land, and the Holy Island of Lind­is­farne with lat­er sources to cre­ate a fresh and pow­er­ful prayer resource. Read­ers will dis­cov­er the pro­found words and spir­i­tu­al depth of Celtic fig­ures Aidan, Cuth­bert, and Bren­dan, mod­ern voic­es such as C. S. Lewis and Anne Mor­row Lind­bergh, and the time­less words of the Psalms, as they find new ways to under­stand and expe­ri­ence the life of wor­ship, prayer, and meditation.


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