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Bright Evening Star

Mystery of the Incarnation

by Madeleine L'Engle

For over fifty years, L’En­gle has been delight­ing and inspir­ing read­ers with her warm, elo­quent prose, and inspi­ra­tional poet­ry. She con­tin­ues this tra­di­tion with Bright Evening Star, a per­son­al reflec­tion of the mys­tery and majesty of the Incar­na­tion of Jesus Christ. Bright Evening Star pro­vides a glimpse into the life sto­ries of this pro­lif­ic author and her encoun­ters with God. With a fore­word by John Tesh, L’En­gle invites us on a spir­i­tu­al adven­ture that leads to hope, joy, and a clos­er rela­tion­ship with Jesus. Christ­mas,” says Madeleine L’En­gle, should be a time of awed silence.” If you’re look­ing for a unique and Christ-cen­tered Christ­mas med­i­ta­tion, Bright Evening Star will be a rich and delight­ful dis­cov­ery — year round!

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