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Breaking the Rules

Trading Performance for Intimacy with God

by Fil Anderson

After years of living with a set of religious demands that he could never live up to, Fil Anderson found himself spiritually bankrupt and emotionally drained. Following a crash-and-burn in professional ministry, he experienced relief in learning to be with God rather than doing for God. Instead of desperation, he found healing, and a rich new life with God.

In Fil invites us to explore what happens when good religion turns bad. At such times we are weighed down with expectations of what it takes to be right with God” – whether it is the expectations of others, holding up under pressure, fixing what’s wrong or accomplishing big things for God.

When we set aside this false agenda, we find the courage to confess our fears and insecurities. We taste the depths of God’s love for us. Here is an opportunity to quit trusting in your own ability to live for God, and simply trust in God instead



Breaking the Rules captures the essence of what makes Christianity impossible--and how a wild, unpredictable but authentic relationship with Jesus is the only cure for what ails us. Bracingly honest, these pages will haunt you in the best way possible. I recommend you read them slowly . . . and savor.
Paula Rinehart, author of Strong Women, Soft Hearts

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