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Beholding the Glory

Incarnation Through the Arts

by Jeremy S. Begbie

A splendid contribution to a white-hot theological topic: the relationship between theology and the arts. In this book, a multi-faceted illumination is achieved by the distinguished contributors, who shine their spotlights not only on God’s truth as revealed in Jesus Christ, but upon the dynamic creativity of artists as they explore this truth in so many striking and stimulating ways. This is a compulsive read, richly rewarding, which made me realize the enormous importance of doing theology through the arts.” ‑Susan Howatch, best-selling author of the Starbridge series

A fine collection of probing and imaginative discussions of the relation between the incarnation and the arts. It’s like a kaleidoscope: one turns the page to a new chapter and yet a different view appears.” ‑Nicholas Wolterstorff, Yale Divinity School

Artists do theology with their feet and their hands, even with their eyes and ears. These essays are beautiful reflections on these other ways of doing theology. They will benefit everyone who loves the arts and seeks to follow Christ, especially perhaps those who study’ theology primarily with their minds!” ‑William A. Dyrness, Fuller Theological Seminary

Jeremy Begbie and his team engage with two lively intensities, incarnation and the arts, and give a fresh sense of each.” ‑David F. Ford, University of Cambridge

A lively corrective to common ways of thinking about the arts.” ‑Roger Lundin, Wheaton College

Beholding the Glory demonstrates the indispensable role the arts play in disclosing God’s wisdom to us. Writing from different Christian traditions, practicing artists, theologians, and professors-all well-versed in the relationship between imagination and theology-focus on the incarnation and draw out a wealth of meaning in the belief that God entered our world as one of us.


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