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Athanasius: A Theological Introduction

by Thomas G. Weinandy

As the Patriarch of Alexandria in the critical 4th century, Athanasius’ significance was without doubt profound both as a pastor and theologian. With resolute conviction and powerful personality he became the ardent champion of the Council of Nicea’s affirmation of the full divinity of the Son, and in so doing he became the most resourceful and innovative theologian of his day. His Christology provided significant theological clarifications that would become decisive for Cyril of Alexandria and the Councils of Ephesus and Chalcedon. Athanasius is a theologian of great importance and relevance today when many of his concerns are still our own. This book offers a fresh scholarly introduction to the theology of Athanasius that will benefit not only the student but the educated lay reader as well. Weinandy explores, in a lucid and insightful manner, all of the key theological controversies, questions and themes that appear within Athanasius’ thought: Revelation, Scripture and Tradition; Creation and the Fall; The Nicene Crisis; The Incarnation and salvation; the divinity of the Holy Spirit; the Church and Sacraments; and the Christian Life and Monasticism.


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