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The Early Church Fathers

by Khaled Anatolios

This book presents the fun­da­men­tal ele­ments of Athana­sius’ response to the cen­tral ques­tions of the iden­ti­ty of Jesus and the nature of his rela­tion­ship with God.

Pro­vid­ing a use­ful intro­duc­tion on his life and work, the book focus­es on the tumul­tuous doc­tri­nal con­tro­ver­sies of the day in which he was a cen­tral figure.

Key selec­tions from his writ­ings, new­ly trans­lat­ed, have all been cho­sen with a view to pre­sent­ing the ratio­nale for Athana­sius’ fun­da­men­tal the­o­log­i­cal posi­tions: the divin­i­ty and human­i­ty of Christ, human redemp­tion, the divin­i­ty and work of the Holy Spir­it, the log­ic of Chris­t­ian wor­ship, and the scrip­tur­al basis for the doc­tri­nal for­mu­la­tions of the Coun­cil of Nicaea.

Stu­dents of his­to­ry and clas­si­cal stud­ies, and even stu­dents of reli­gious stud­ies will find this an essen­tial part of their course reading.


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