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An Introduction to the Desert Fathers (Cascade Companions)

by Jason Byassee

The desert fathers want­ed to get away from a church co-opt­ed by empire and a Chris­t­ian faith grown cold and list­less. They retreat­ed to the desert to do bat­tle against demons and against their own worst desires. They had no inten­tion of being famous; yet iron­i­cal­ly their Say­ings have inspired mil­lions of imi­ta­tors over the cen­turies. This guide is meant to accom­pa­ny a read­ing of the Say­ings of the Desert Fathers, in hopes that read­ers with lives quite dif­fer­ent than those third- and fourth-cen­tu­ry dwellers of the Egypt­ian desert might nev­er­the­less come to imi­tate their lives of pover­ty, chasti­ty, and obe­di­ence; and more impor­tant­ly, that read­ers might grow more imag­i­na­tive and pas­sion­ate in their fol­low­ing of the same Lord.


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