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A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer

Discovering the Power of St. Ignatius Loyola's Examen

by Jim Manney

Break through the prayer barrier.

For most peo­ple most of the time, prayer is hard. It is espe­cial­ly dif­fi­cult —not to men­tion unsat­is­fy­ing — when peo­ple expe­ri­ence it as for­mal, dry, and rep­e­ti­tious. But what might hap­pen if you dis­cov­ered a sim­ple prayer that changed all that? What if you dis­cov­ered a prayer that changed you?
In A Sim­ple, Life-Chang­ing Prayer, Jim Man­ney intro­duces Chris­tians to a 500-year-old form of prayer that dra­mat­i­cal­ly altered his per­cep­tion of prayer and the way he prayed. The prayer is the exa­m­en, which St. Ignatius Loy­ola devel­oped for the pur­pose of nur­tur­ing a reflec­tive habit of mind that is con­stant­ly attuned to God’s presence.

What makes the prayer so pow­er­ful is its capac­i­ty to dis­pel any notion that God is some­where up there,” detached from our day-to-day tasks and con­cerns. Instead, the exa­m­en leads us into a rela­tion­ship with a God who desires to be per­son­al­ly caught up in the lives of those whom he cre­at­ed.
By fol­low­ing five sim­ple steps for pray­ing the exa­m­en, we can encounter the God who, as Scrip­ture tells us, is not far from each one of us” — the God whose pres­ence in our lives can make all the dif­fer­ence in the world.


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