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A Peculiar Orthodoxy

Reflections on Theology and the Arts

by Jeremy S. Begbie

World-renowned the­olo­gian Jere­my Beg­bie has been at the fore­front of teach­ing and writ­ing on the­ol­o­gy and the arts for more than twen­ty years. Amid cur­rent debates and dis­cus­sions on the top­ic, Beg­bie empha­sizes the role of a bib­li­cal­ly ground­ed creedal ortho­doxy as he shows how Chris­t­ian the­ol­o­gy and the arts can enrich each oth­er. Through­out the book, Beg­bie demon­strates the pow­er of clas­sic trini­tar­i­an faith to bring illu­mi­na­tion, sur­prise, and delight when­ev­er it engages with the arts.


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