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A Different Way

Recentering the Christian Life Around Following Jesus

by Christopher A. Hall

Following in the tradition of Richard J. Foster’s A Celebration of Discipline and Dallas Willard’s Divine Conspiracy, the former president of Renovaré calls all Christians to recenter the Christian life around what has always been its core: following Jesus.

Change” is at the heart of Christian life. As Christians, we are called to be disciples of Jesus, to actively follow his teachings and become more like him. But the church has lost sight of what has always been its center, Christopher A. Hall argues. In A Different Way, he reminds us that faith is not meant to be merely rigid and static and so guides us back to Christianity’s spiritual foundation, helping us reconnect with Jesus and live the life he calls to live.

Filled with personal stories that encourage introspection, thoughtful meditations on spiritual formation, and profound wisdom, A Different Way is an interactive book that encourages reflection through daily journaling and Bible passages to read and consider. With thoughtful introspection and Bible study, we can begin our spiritual journey of actively following the way Jesus teaches us to live. 

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A Different Way is a genuine treasure and superb work in spiritual formation. I kept turning the pages and discovering sparkling gems of wisdom. Mining deep into Christian history, Hall brings insights into living in the way of Jesus that is exceedingly relevant to our times. I highly recommend it.
Richard J. Foster, Renovaré Founder and Author of Celebration of Discipline
Both timely and critical: calls us back to the very roots of following the way of Jesus Christ. Christopher himself is that rarest of writers: with a razor-sharp mind with a soft and tender heart. I commend him and his message to you without reservation.
Pete Greig, Founder of 24-7 Prayer International, author of Red Moon Rising and Dirty Glory
For those who have lost hope that a meaningful life is possible, this book is for you. Highly readable and engaging, Hall draws from his extensive experience to deliver a hands-on guide to the beauty and wonder of a different way.
Michael Glerup, PhD., Executive Director of The MacMillan Center, Yale University
Halls personal stories and honest vulnerability bring to life deep theological concepts with the clarity of a seasoned teacher, the heart of a compassionate mentor and the voice of a familiar friend.
Duffy Robbins, D.Min, Author of Ministry of Nurture and This Way to Youth Ministry
Hall has a vast knowledge of spiritual formation, practical theology, desert spirituality and life. This is a transparent, praxis-filled book that draws from the wisdom of a well-lived life.
Gary W. Moon, M.Div., Ph.D., Founding Executive Director Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center; Author, Becoming Dallas Willard
Too often, we can become lost, distracted, and confused, drawn down unhelpful paths, forgetting the way forward. In this helpful and practical guide, Hall returns us to the path of Jesus, showing how to stay the course through well-worn spiritual disciplines, which ultimately inspire love.
Bishop Robert Barron, Founder of Word on Fire and bishop of Diocese of Winona-Rochester

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